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It Isn't The Best Product That Sells The Most...
It's The Product That Is Marketed The Best That Sells The Most!

Start Becoming The Best Marketed Product Today, Meet with Us and Find Out How.

What Does It Take to Become the Best Marketed Product?

Consumers will decide how good your product is based on your marketing. Are you using the right message, media, and methods?

To win in business you must become the best marketed product. You have too much on the line to not be perceived the best product. Moving from Transactional Marketing to focusing on Foundational Marketing is going to help you become the best marketed product! The single most leveraging thing that you can do to grow your business is to get all of your marketing efforts focused on Foundation Marketing.

The first step to getting your marketing on track is assessing how much Transactional Marketing you have compared to Foundational Marketing. If you are heavily focused on Transactional Marketing, then you are potentially wasting thousands of dollars! Knowledge is power. Once you know your Transactional Marketing vs. Foundational Marketing ratio you are on your way to becoming the best marketed product. 

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Is Your Marketing Not Working?

Do you feel overwhelmed when marketing your business? Do you

wonder what marketing strategies will give you the biggest bang

for your buck? Do you ever feel that a significant amount of your

advertising dollars are just flat-out wasted? In Stop Selling Used

Shoes Out of a VW Bus: 3 Simple Steps to Profitable and Sustainable

Marketing, writer and speaker Andy King shows how to implement marketing that results in success.


An entrepreneur for nearly 30 years, Andy King shares research,

case studies and humorous personal experiences that guide the

reader through marketing strategies that grow businesses. In these

pages you’ll discover:

Why most marketing efforts fail

How to establish an effective marketing foundation

How to identify profitable marketing objectives

How to systematize your marketing

What marketing efforts consumers respond to


Most likely you went into business because of your passion, a desire

for freedom, an increased income, and wanting to grow a business.

Don’t let not knowing how to market your business hold you back

from your dreams.

Becoming the Expert In Your Industry
Leads To Revenues Growing Upward and Upward!

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