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Archive for October 2017

Business Kryptonite–The Biggest Threat to Your Business


What’s the Biggest Single Threat to Your Business? It’s Business Kryptonite. Many businesses constantly ride the “roller coaster of consistently inconsistent sales revenues.” They never actualize long-term success and are always in jeopardy of failing at any moment. Having revenues up one month and then significantly down the next month not only frustrates business owners,…

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Why does most marketing prove ineffective or just simply fail?

Saying that business owners face many challenges might be the understatement of the century! They live in a complex world, confronting many difficulties. In addition to all the necessary, mundane tasks that keep their businesses going, they feel the pressure to create time-sensitive, quality products and/or services that must exceed the consumer’s expectations. Considering all…

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Why do most marketing attempts by small business owners fail?

Despite the distinct challenges business owners face with their marketing, many openly admit that their marketing efforts sit at the top of their priority list. In a recent study, 89% of small business owners reported that they considered marketing as either their first or second priority. Yet, an astonishing 74% said they did not feel…

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