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Pushing a Two-Ton Boulder Uphill

Business development experts will tell you that business owners often create their own issues when they run their organizations without systems.

There is not enough will power, brain power, or hours in the day to keep track of everything that needs to be done in business. The disciplines of accounting, bookkeeping, human resource management, and product & service fulfillment all become nightmares when not systematized.

If all these disciplines require a system, why wouldn’t marketing necessitate a system?

Successful and profitable marketing doesn’t happen mystically in a vacuum, nor does it happen as if business owners were on a quest pursuing the Holy Grail. Rather, marketing that results in consistently growing a business happens when all the marketing processes and actions working together in concert–the “threads” are simultaneously woven into a “marketing tapestry.” That marketing tapestry becomes the Complete Strategic Marketing System (CSMS).

The single most leveraging thing that businesses can do to develop a superior competitive advantage is to implement a CSMS. It is what ultimately leads to ceiling-breaking business growth and profitability.

But keep in mind that integrating a Complete Strategic Marketing System, in of itself, is the most unnatural, intense, and detailed process in all business development. It is not ironic that the very thing the gives businesses its greatest advantage, requires an inordinate amount of intense focus of thought, consistent action, and energy?

The overall process of integrating a CSMS is like pushing a two-ton boulder uphill. Very difficult and strenuous to do, but once that two-ton boulder sits at the top of that hill (your CSMS fully integrated), you are ready to release it and watch it gather momentum and speed (sales revenues consistently coming in). Just like in real life, once we have paid the price we reap the rewards.

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