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Them Freakin’ Geniuses at Outback Steakhouse

Over the last twenty years, Outback Steakhouse has been my favorite go-to restaurant. Whether I am on the road traveling for business, on vacation with my family, or wanting to go out to dinner with my wife, it has been the restaurant that I go to more than any other.

Outback has been such a favorite of mine that I have eaten there as many as a dozen times in a single month. Heck, on multiple occasions I have eaten there a half-dozen times in a single week. Yes, I probably should have bought stock!

What’s interesting is that even though Outback has been my favorite go-to restaurant for the last twenty years, and there have been months that I have eaten there as many as a dozen times, there have also been times when I have gone as long as a couple months—even up to six months—without eating there a single time. What happened?

It wasn’t that I had a bad experience that drove me away. Nor, was it that I got tried of their steaks or their other menu items. And, it wasn’t that I suddenly stopped eating out (I was still eating out, just at other places.)

I simply forget that Outback Steakhouse was my favorite restaurant. Crazy as it sounds that I actually forgot something that was a favorite of mine; it really isn’t all that crazy. Here’s why and how it applies to marketing your products and/or services…

According to a 2007 New York Times article, research showed that the average consumer views upwards of as many as 5,000 advertisements a day. That fact, combined with how busy we are in our individual lives (with family, friends, work, church, hobbies, etc.), it isn’t difficult to understand why it was easy for me and consumers in general to forget about our favorites.

Outback Steakhouse’s Grand Offer—Why They are Freakin’ Geniuses

Two years ago, Outback Steakhouse offered a free steak dinner as part of their advertising for the launching of their new firewood grill. In exchange for the free steak dinner, I just needed to give them my contact info: my email and home address. What a great deal, I got a free steak dinner!

Oddly, since I freely gave Outback my contact information two years ago, there has not been a single month when I have not eaten there at least once. And, most months I have dined there multiple times. Over these last two years I have not forgotten that Outback is my favorite restaurant.

For the next couple paragraphs, please insert sarcastic tone!

It’s a crazy coincidence that the very day I gave Outback my contact information; I began a new level of consistency in eating there every single month. And believe me, I am very proud of the fact that I now have an unbroken, two-year, steak-eating record. This is something I have worked really hard at, and I pat myself on the back for it. Good job Andy!

With Outback in possession of my contact info, they now send me emails and postcards—some months I receive up to four emails and two postcards. Outback’s correspondence informs me of new menu items, specials, and any discounts they are offering. Some emails I open up, read, and see what they are offering. Some I don’t. The same thing happens with the postcards; some I look at closely, while others I just ignore.

What’s really at play has very little to do with me suddenly becoming much more consistent with my dining habits. Neither has it to do with any kind of effort on my part. But, it does have to do with what the freakin’ geniuses at Outback Steakhouse managed to get me to do.

Yes, they understand that it is just human nature for consumers to forget, even the things they love. They figured out somehow that I was actually forgetting they were my favorite restaurant.


Amazing! Outback Steakhouse figured it out, even without a copy of my new book: Stop Marketing Used Shoes Out of a VW Bus! The 5-Step Guide to Eliminating the Roller Coaster Ride of Consistently Inconsistent Marketing, the Approach that Can Generate Millions in Revenues. (Yes, I know my book has a long title. But, my research says that a long title will not be a problem as long as I promote my book well.) Here is the shameless plug for my book, click here to reserve your free copy today.

Everyone on the Outback Steakhouse marketing team must have 180+ IQs. The offer made by them to give me a steak dinner in exchange for my contact information is genius. By doing this, they “eliminate the roller coaster ride of consistently inconsistent sales revenues.” (Notice this phase in the title of my upcoming book!) They now have me eating there every single month!

Here’s the Takeaway: (No sarcastic tone here, I’m a bit more somber.)

Outback’s marketing effort in giving away a free steak dinner in exchange for my contact info seemed like a great deal for me, but was a better deal for Outback. Here’s why:

Marketing success depends on getting your prospects and customers to keep your products and/or services at the top of their minds. Think about it for just one second! If I, or any consumer can forget a favorite restaurant, how likely is it that the consumer might just forget to use your product and/or service too?

It’s easy to have a favorite restaurant because most of us like eating out. But, what if your products and/or services are of the nature that the consumer isn’t going to make it one of their favorite things to do, like financial planning, or moving services, or web design services? (Just to use a few random industries as examples.)

The plausible conclusion as to why consumers forget about products and/or services has much to do with the busyness of their lives. Everything, from the 5,000 advertisements per day to what happens in their personal lives, contributes to their having very short, short-term memories.

My Recommendation

My recommendation is to do what the freakin’ geniuses at Outback Steakhouse have done. First, collect contact information from all your prospects and customers by giving them something of value. Secondly, create marketing campaigns that consistently touch them via emails, postcards, phone calls, social media posts, and any other media they use. Finally, execute the marketing campaigns and reap the benefits as Outback Steakhouse has done!

My Offer to You

If you would like to develop a marketing campaign and have the success similar to that of Outback Steakhouse, then contact me for a free, one-hour, no-obligation audit and an accompanying, specific-to-your-business development report (valued at $649). By integrating a Complete Strategic Marketing System, you will eliminate the roller coaster ride of consistently inconsistent sales revenues. This approach will allow you to increase the effectiveness of your marketing, resulting in a 20%, 40%, or even a 100%, or more growth in sales revenues

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