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Six reasons to survey your prospects and customers

client survey

In this extremely competitive market place, great advantage can be created by finding ways to increase your value proposition and to differentiate yourself from your competition. One of the best ways to increase your competitive advantage is to become aware of what your prospects and customers are thinking by surveying them. Surveying will provide: Feedback: Your…

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Them “freaking” geniuses at Outback Steakhouse!

Outback Steakhouse

Over the last twenty years, Outback Steakhouse has been my favorite go-to restaurant. Over the last twenty years, Outback Steakhouse has been my favorite go-to restaurant. Whether I am on the road traveling for business, on vacation with my family, or wanting to go out to dinner with my wife, it has been the restaurant…

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Become More Profitable and Spend Less Time Doing Your Marketing as You Implement Marketing Systems

There are so many benefits to systematizing your marketing that they cannot all be listed. But, this is the single greatest benefit to why we do what we do at Pinpoint Marketing: organizations that systemize their marketing consistently increase their revenues on a geometric, growth-progression curve. Simply put, they become more profitable, faster. They obtain economies…

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Implement Marketing Systems and You Get to Go on Vacation

Are you the business owner who never goes on vacation because you know the business cannot function without your constant focus? The solution to that problem is implementing systems. When you implement systems, you will find yourself a person of leisure! The benefits of marketing systems are almost immeasurable. Robert Kiyosaki, famous for his Rich…

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Great Benefits Come from Working the Complete Strategic Marketing System

The sooner business owners recognize how all the complex moving parts work in concert with one another for success in a Complete Strategic Marketing System, the sooner they will be on a path to generating effective and profitable marketing results that grow a business exponentially. Here are a few benefits that result from having the Complete Strategic…

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Marketing Systems Won’t Work If You Don’t Implement All The Parts

Marketing falls apart and never becomes systematized when some elements are implemented in isolation from others. This is because even seemingly minor details have enormous power to undermine best efforts. All the hard work and capital spent on this strategy are lost due to some imperceptible, overlooked, but significant detail. When not using a system, your marketing…

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So What Is The Solution To Your Marketing Problems?

At Pinpoint Marketing, through tens of thousands of hours of research, we have concluded that: “Marketing Systems are the Solution.” The single most leveraging thing a business can do to develop a superior, competitive advantage is to implement marketing systems. It is what ultimately leads to ceiling-breaking business growth and profitability.  Business development experts will…

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