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Implement Marketing Systems and You Get to Go on Vacation

Are you the business owner who never goes on vacation because you know the business cannot function without your constant focus?

The solution to that problem is implementing systems. When you implement systems, you will find yourself a person of leisure!

The benefits of marketing systems are almost immeasurable. Robert Kiyosaki, famous for his Rich Dad, Poor Dad book series spends page-after-page in many of his books writing about how systems implemented correctly should be the foundation of every business.

Kiyosaki refers to systems as bridges that provide a path to financial freedom. In The Cashflow Quadrant, he sums up the benefits of systems as:

True business owners can go on vacation forever because they own a system, not a job. If the business owner is on vacation, the money still comes in.

Business development experts will tell you that business owners often create their own issues when they run their organizations without systems.

There is not enough will power, brain power, or hours in the day to keep track of everything that needs to be done in a business. The disciplines of accounting, bookkeeping, human resource management, and product & service fulfillment all become nightmares when not systematized.


If all these disciplines require a system, why wouldn’t marketing necessitate a system?

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