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Marketing Success Happens as You Keep Your Product/Service on the Top of Consumers’ Minds

How likely is it that your customers might just forget to use your product and/or service? It can happen, especially when you don’t remind them that you are there to fill their consumer needs.

It’s easy to have a favorite restaurant because most of us like eating out. But, what if your products and/or services are of the nature that the consumer isn’t going to make it one of their favorite things to do, like financial planning, or hiring moving services, or web design services? (Just to use a few random industries as examples.)

The plausible conclusion as to why consumers forget about products and/or services has much to do with the business of their lives. Everything, from the 5,000 advertisements they are exposed to per day to what happens in their personal lives, contributes to their having very short, short-term memories.

My Recommendations:

  • First, collect contact information from all your prospects and customers by giving them something of value.
  • Secondly, create marketing campaigns that consistently touch them via emails, postcards, phone calls, social media posts, and any other media they use.
  • Finally, execute the marketing campaigns and reap the benefits.

The Complete Strategic Marketing System (CSMS) will organize all of this for you, saving you both time and money.

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