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Marketing Systems Won’t Work If You Don’t Implement All The Parts

Marketing falls apart and never becomes systematized when some elements are implemented in isolation from others.

This is because even seemingly minor details have enormous power to undermine best efforts. All the hard work and capital spent on this strategy are lost due to some imperceptible, overlooked, but significant detail.

When not using a system, your marketing efforts may seem simple. You’ve got all this “great advice” from a couple of websites, blogs, or even a so-called “marketing expert” with an idea of the month. Armed with this new strategy, you start implementation. But, with results not forthcoming like you were promised, the “great advice” gets exposed for its naïveté and things suddenly look more complex than at first.

Businesses that fully systematize as many parts of their business as can be systematized not only benefit in becoming more profitable, but benefit by being much more consistent in every other aspect of the business. This includes increasing the quality of their products and/or services. The business owner is freed to focus his/her mental energies on other critical facets of the business which cannot be systematized. It is requisite that businesses have systems.

The business owner who doesn’t systematize always has to think about what comes next—thought and energy spent unnecessarily. Businesses that don’t integrate a marketing system ride the revenue roller coaster of feast and famine, feeling the extremes of being up one month and down the next. Without a marketing system, leads stop flowing eventually, prospects stop becoming new customers, existing customers stop buying, and customers stop referring new business.

It is only a matter of time before that business, without a marketing system, will be forced to close its doors forever.

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