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It may seem like you’re pushing a two-ton boulder uphill, but It’s worth it!

The overall process of integrating a CSMS may seem like you’re pushing a two-ton boulder uphill—a very difficult and strenuous thing to do. But, once that two-ton boulder sits at the top of that hill (your CSMS, fully integrated), you are ready to release it and watch it gather momentum and speed (sales revenues consistently coming in).

Just like in any aspect of life, once we have paid the price, we reap the rewards.

Consider the possibility that you can increase the profitability of your marketing, resulting in a 20%, 40% or even a 100% or more increase in revenues by integrating a Complete Strategic Marketing System. Would that be worth it?

Successful and profitable marketing doesn’t happen mystically in a vacuum, nor does it happen in an emotionally driven atmosphere as if the business owner were on a quest pursuing the Holy Grail. Rather, marketing that results in consistently growing a business happens when all the marketing processes and actions, working together in concert–the “threads,” are simultaneously woven into a “marketing tapestry.” That marketing tapestry becomes the Complete Strategic Marketing System (CSMS).

Let us end with one last thought to consider when you are tempted to resist getting yourself beyond your current thinking. It illustrates well the futility of tripping over dollars to pick up pennies.

The most stubborn habits, which resist change with the greatest tenacity, are those that worked well for a space of time and led to the practitioner being rewarded for those behaviors. If you suddenly tell such person that their recipe for success is not longer viable, their personal experience belies your diagnosis. The road to convincing them is hard. It is the stuff of classic tragedy.

—Jamshid Gharajedaghi

Systems Thinking Managing Chaos and Complexity–A platform for designing business architecture

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