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Expert Positioning

People like to buy from experts.

Why do people want to buy from experts?

It gives them confidence that they have made the right decision.

They want to have trust in and a feeling of rapport with the persons they buy from. The business/service that displays knowledge and expertise in a confident manner creates a sense of confidence in the buyer.

How can our business position itself as the expert in the eyes of our prospects and customers?

Follow these tips to convince them that you are the expert in your field.

Go for the
low-hanging fruit.

It’s likely there are people all around you who are looking for a business like yours. They may be friends, acquaintances, family, local businesses; they just need to know you are there and are the expert in your field who is available to serve them.

Search the internet for
information and
trends in your field.

Get to know all the latest research and breaking news. One way to do this is to use Google Alerts, a free service that sends you e-mails when the Google search engine finds new information on your field.

Gather information about your competitors; of course, do it in a nice way.

Learn what their marketing practices are, who their customers are, and why they are successful. Ask your customers, salespeople from yours and other businesses, your friends, anyone you know what they think of your competitors. Of course, do this in an ethical, professional and friendly way.

Check out the organizations your customers belong to and join them as an associate.

Participate in these organizations and get to know the concerns of your prospective customers. Don’t try to sell at these meetings. Use these opportunities to network, make friends, and let people know you are there to help them.

Subscribe to and read the trade publications and journals your customers read.

When you know what the customers know, you inspire confidence in your expertise.

Dress one notch above your customer.

People usually buy from the people they can identify with. “If your customer wears a tie, you wear one” is a basic rule, meaning be aware of how people dress in your industry and reflect that. Also, be aware of regional differences in the way people dress. Avoid coming across as too formal or too casual. This can make your customer uncomfortable. Finally, if in doubt, go for the conservative image.

Ask experts and salespeople both inside and outside your business for their opinions about trends and ideas for better serving customers.

Find out what customers want, need and ask for.

Offer something free
or a special of some sort.

It’s the way to make friends and influence them to buy your product/service. Once you are friends, they will want to and perhaps even feel obligated to come back. And, when they have a positive experience with you and your business, they will give testimonials and refer their friends.

Work smarter and harder than your competitors.

Customers will gain trust in you when they realize you are on their team and willing to go the extra mile to help them out.

Let us at Pinpoint Marketing help you position yourself as the expert in your field that prospects want do call upon to fill their needs. Contact us for a free consultation.