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Lead Generation

How Can a Business Generate Leads?

Today, in the digital age, there are multiple ways to generate leads both on- and off-line. The possibilities are almost endless. The trick it to attract the ideal customer who is likely to be interested in your product/service, using the right strategies.


Here’s a list of some possibilities:

  • Create a YouTube Help Video.

    Develop a YouTube show to demonstrate a process or do-it-yourself project related to your business. This type of video can solve real problems for potential customers and be entertaining as well. You could even do a series of videos and establish a learning center. This kind of video not only establishes you as an expert, but gets people to become aware of your brand. Then, you get contact information and invite your potential customers to contact you for further help.


  • Write a Quiz to Get Potential Customers to Give You Their Contact Information.

    When people come to your website, offer them a quiz about something significant related to your product/service. Give them the results of the quiz in exchange for their contact information. You can provide really useful information to them in this way and collect new leads.

  • Use Instagram to Promote Products and Services.

    Because Instagram isn’t as saturated with ads as with other platforms, your paid campaign can bring good results in a way that is visually appealing to customers and clients.

  • Do a Cameo on a Local Talk Show.

    Come up with something newsworthy and timely to audiences and appear on TV or radio talk shows to promote your news and your product and/or service. It you are sponsoring a community event, workshop, or conference, get credit by promoting your brand along with the event.

  • Become a Thought Leader.

    Contribute articles to industry publications, write blogs for on-line, write E-books, or regular, old-fashioned books and use these to promote your brand by setting up yourself as a “thought leader.” Thoughtful and timely articles and blogs that provide tips to consumers is a very successful way to generate leads. An example might be an article about how to shop on Black Friday or on-line for Christmas.

  • Write Articles or Blogs that Share Success Secrets from Thought Leaders in Your Industry.

    Interview an expert! Be the business that helps customers/clients be successful by getting the advice they need. When you uncover the secrets of experts, you also become an expert to your potential client/customer who then comes to you for advice.

  • Provide a Best-Practices List.

    Another way to attract customers is to write an article that gives them best-practices for doing something related to your business. Many people search for such things on the internet and when they find yours, they will consider you the expert they need to go to when they need help.

  • Tell Customers What’s Working for You.

    Write an article telling potential customers what has really worked for you and how you got to where you are. This will draw them to contact you for help in doing the same.

  • Create a Spreadsheet of Resources for Your Potential Customers.

    Since we all learn differently, some people prefer a visual spreadsheet to a written article or blog. It makes information more useful, accessible and interesting to many audiences. Again you provide a service for them, and the customer thinks of you as the expert.

  • Come up with a Worksheet for Completing a Simple Process.

    Or, create one for evaluating the process the customer has already completed. This makes you the expert to be contacted for more information.


  • Create a Well-Developed Email Course.

    Customers/clients will appreciate a real, free, easily accessed course in learning something related to your business. You need to use in-depth topics that call for a class-like situation. Each email could give some special strategy for doing something new or a special technique the reader is interested in learning about. Again, you become the expert they want to get to know and work with.

  • Use the Old-Fashioned Approach of Direct Mail.

    A well-designed, attractive mailer still gets plenty of attention, especially in these days of businesses abandoning direct mail in favor of email. Promote something unique so you can track the response.

  • Don’t Forget Ads in Newspapers and Magazines.

    Consider who your target audience is—do they read newspapers and magazines? Some people get tired of computer screens and take time to relax and read something they can hold on to and refer back to easily. Almost all communities have publications focused on what’s nearby and where to go and what to do. Locals go to these publications for leads on how to get to businesses like yours.

  • Remember Word-of-Mouth Recommendations from Current Customers or Clients.

    Many people consider word-of-mouth recommendations to be the most trustworthy available. If you know someone who is happy with a business, you will likely consider this business when you need it.

So, it matters to do the best job ever in nurturing your present customers/clients. They will then likely give you new leads.

  • Get Involved in Your Community.

    Get to know people, be useful, show your goodwill, and people will trust you and like you. Try speaking in schools, teaching classes and volunteering where needed. Your new friends will be potential customers.

  • Give Away a Product or Service.

    This is one of the most successful ways to generate leads. But, make sure you give away something of value, otherwise people won’t be impressed, and it will likely affect your business negatively.

  • Go to Conferences.

    Conferences and industry trade shows attract your peers. They also attract customers—buyers of products and services. Make your presentation special and get to know your leads. It’s a great social time and people are especially ready to share contact information.

  • Consider Sponsoring a Local Community Event.

    How about a community event that’s related in some way to your business—for instance, if you’re selling bikes, sponsoring a cycling race. Or, how about a gym sponsoring a local 5K Run. Look for events in your community that your target audience will likely attend. Sponsoring an event and showing up to get names and addresses can lead to great leads with little work.

  • Get People to Come to Your Business by Hosting an Event.

    Host an event in order to get people in the door of your business. It could be a charitable event, with proceeds going to a charity, or it could be a demonstration of some sort. If your business is a restaurant, you could have your Chef demonstrate some interesting recipe for the holidays, or how about a quilting shop demonstrating how to piece quilts.

  • Do Workshops to Get Leads.

    A local workshop can get numerous people in the door. Workshops help people accomplish certain tasks that they need expertise in, and that makes friends for you and builds a list of leads. Offer something your ideal customer really has a need to learn, and they will recommend you to their friends as well.

Hone Your Networking Skills and Be Sociable.

Old-fashioned “pressing the flesh” and networking, whether at a conference, a sponsored event, or a trade show can’t be beat. When you meet friends, you meet potential customers. Remember, you are part of a community and they are your potential prospects, and you can get to know them in a short time when it’s in person.

Both online and offline lead generation have their advantages, and a business that
ignores one or the other is missing out.

Both are needed for a business to grow and find stability.

Let us help you generate the leads you are looking for. Contact Pinpoint Marketing for a consultation.


Both online and offline lead generation have their advantages, and a business that ignores one or the other is missing out. Both are needed for a business to grow and find stability.

Let us help you generate the leads you are looking for. Contact Pinpoint Marketing for a consultation.